When you have a loved one who is a senior citizen, you may find yourself frequently concerned about their health and well-being. However, senior living communities provide a great deal of assistance and care to the seniors who choose to make those communities their home. And with the rapid changes in technology over the years, there are many ways that technology can be incorporated into your loved one's care to help give you peace of mind and allow you and the staff of the senior care community to provide your loved one with the best care possible. Get to know more about some of these technologies so that you can incorporate them into your loved one's care plan. 

Smart Phone Apps

Mobile technology is not just about texting and playing games any more. More and more apps are being developed to provide extremely useful services and to provide people with peace of mind and more efficient lives. This can be true of senior and elderly care as well.

If you want to be able to keep a close eye on your senior loved one's schedule, care, visits, and even medical information and appointments even if you cannot be with them every day, then a smart phone app designed specifically for elderly care and record-keeping may be right for you. With these apps, you and your other family members can all share information about your visits with your loved one including the dates, times, activities and tasks performed, and your loved one's mood. You can even leave comments if specific information needs to be shared.

Not only can you and your family members access this information, your loved one's caregivers at the senior living community and their medical providers could also be given access and could update the information. This creates transparency in your loved one's care across the board and can alert all caregivers and loved ones to any potential issues as they arise so better assistance and care can be provided.

Telephonic Senior Assistance Services

In the senior living community at Athens Creek Retirement Lodge or somewhere similar, your loved one will have as much independence and autonomy as they can want and can handle. Because of this, many of the tasks of daily living, home maintenance, and transportation/errands are left entirely under their control.

And while these senior living communities do offer many services and amenities like on-site stores, your loved one will likely want or need to head off-site occasionally. Most seniors do not have smart phones of their own. However, they can benefit from apps and services offered through smart phones like Uber car services, cab services, and speedy delivery services.

As such, many companies have developed telephone services that can access these benefits for your loved one. For example, all your senior loved one would need to do is call a specific phone number that can be programmed into an older basic cell phone or even using a landline phone. They can then talk to an operator or use an automated system to order a car to pick them up or get groceries or other items delivered to their senior living apartment. The company will use the apps necessary to provide the services and your loved one will benefit from smart phone technology without having to master using a smart phone.

Now that you know just a few of the ways that technology can help your loved one in a senior living community, you can be sure that you incorporate the technology you find to be the most helpful and useful into your loved one's care plan.