If you have an elderly relative who lives alone, you might become worried that they will have a slip and fall. While you should definitely encourage them to live in assisted living or have in-home care if they become a danger to themselves, the following tips will help keep them safer in the meantime.

Have Their Eyes Checked

One reason falls are more prevalent with seniors is because their eyesight starts to decline. This can be from having an age-related eye condition like macular degeneration or cataracts or simply be due to needing corrective eyewear. If you notice your grandfather holding on to furniture when walking to different areas of his home or that he seems to bump into things he should have seen, it might be time to take him to see the optometrist for an eye exam.

Make Sure They Have Supportive Shoes

It is also important for your senior relative to have comfortable and supportive shoes to wear in their home. If your elderly aunt has fallen before and you know she tends to wear slippers or socks, that might be the problem. Insist that she get shoes that have some traction underneath. There are socks and slippers that have non-skid grips on the bottom to keep them from sliding around on tile or hardwood floors. These are similar to the socks worn in hospitals on the slippery ground.

Install Handrails Throughout the Home

Seniors should have plenty of support throughout their home, including with handrails. These need to be installed anywhere sitting up or down is a problem. For example, install handrails in the bathroom, both in the bathtub and next to the toilet. In the bedroom, it is good to have some type of supportive railing next to the bed or at least provide a sturdy walker. The same goes for the living room and dining room, next to the table and in the sitting areas.

Increase Their Physical Fitness

Some elderly persons have a problem with slips and falls because they are no longer strong enough to walk or stand steadily. You can decrease this risk by helping them get regular exercise. Bring them on regular walks outside or take them to a senior pool exercise class or senior yoga class. These are gentle enough exercises for the elderly but also help them to regain their balance, strength, and flexibility to help prevent falls.

These are excellent ways to prevent falls, but you should also know when it is time for your loved one to move to a senior community, such as Central Place Retirement Community, for their health and safety.